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Andy Zajac - News Anchor / Producer

After a long history of producing videos and tv shows in Canada, (since the mid 1980's) I decided to start Infonetcast back in 2012.

Through my current customers at that time, which were from various countries, I found that many preferred having a video interview produced to inform new and existing customers. So, Infonetcast was born.

Ironically, those customers who were interested all had multiple interviews produced. From there I expanded to newer markets which included, musicians, authors, CEO's, as well as many other industries.

The Studio

Infonetcast continues to provide high quality engaging interviews on a diverse range of topics.

My next step is venturing into live streaming via our Netcast News website. I'm working towards a long broadcast schedule, but for now, a short schedule will start the ball rolling.

We encourage those who need product exposure to contact us to have an interview producer or to appear on future broadcast through Netcast News.

As you can see all interviews produced look and have the same feel as any TV interview you would see on a television show. Good relationships come from collaboration. Let's start a dialogue and create something great.