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While there may be hundreds of digital marketing agencies, there are only a handful that provide TV interviews for their clients online. We make producing a TV interview fun and relaxing while getting the message across. Communicating through visual communication has become a normal method of marketing.

Infonetcast was formed in 2012, with a growing demand from our own customers asking for a better method of getting their brand out there on the internet. The TV style interview was the obvious choice. In the 90's I produced a number of TV shows in Canada and interviewed thousands of business people and celebrities.

It has been a journey to see such massive changes in the video and multimedia industry over the past three decades. Although, it has actually become easier and cheaper to produce video, that is another reason to take advantage of branding your business as an authority.

As you can imagine, business changes quickly and you need to be on top of those changes and adjust as you go forward or you will be left behind. Your reputation is vital to your success and this is why we offer the TV interview. It builds your authority and reputation and those who see it gain trust in you and your brand.

I am here to help make it possible for your needs and I am proud to be associated with great companies from around the world. I look forward to talking with you in future.

Here are a few videos over the past few decades...
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