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Skype TV Interview - TV Interview Trust-building Video Marketing Services

You Become the Expert
As personal and business online branding becomes more and more important, developing your reputation online and offline is equally as important. Enter, the CNN style TV interview concept. The essential method to raising your profile, reputation and building your brand. Let potential customers feel more confident about who they are dealing with and increasing your revenue. Some people are camera shy, but that should not stop you from a telephone interview in place of on camera. We are in a visual world so making an on camera appearance as a leader in your company or promoting your product or service is simply a necessary requirement in today’s business environment. Imagine this on your  website or showing potential customers.

In addition, you also have the option of have your TV interview re-broadcast 24 hours a day to gain more exposure through our partner website We’ll be creating a number of TV programs that will feature the TV interviews and mixed with commentary. Reach more viewers and again, increase sales. We’ll guide you through the TV interview process before we record so you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. In fact, most of current clients enjoy the process!

Package 1

A fully edited 5 to 7 minute TV interview via Skype. The actual process will take about 60 minutes to complete. So, it is best to set aside time to make certain the process goes smoothly.

We will help you to arrange your lighting, webcam and audio so the picture is optimum for producing a high quality high definition video. A basic webcam that has a good picture is fine and we will enhance the image during the editing process.

All editing and enhancements such as text graphics included.

Complete edited TV interview delivered to you within 7 to 10 days.

Absolutely no hidden costs. Your video marketing investment is only

Package 2

The same as package 1, plus..

TV interview is 10 to 12 minutes in length. This is considered a full interview which you can take advantage to introduce your products or services.

This is the best choice for building your brand and reputation and it’s all at an affordable investment in yourself and your company.

Absolutely no hidden costs. Your video marketing investment is only
Your Own TV Interview via Skype as Seen on...