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About Us - Pro HD TV Interview Trust-building Video Marketing Services

Infonetcast was born to provide an increasing demand for professional video marketing and innovative services that are unique and catch the attention of the viewer. The founder is Andy Zajac, professional  presenter, producer, editor and writer.
After more than a decade in China, in early 2014 he return to the US. He now travels between the US, Canada and Asia for business. His future book outlines an incredible journey that may have been planned without him even knowing! He has continued his broadcast career in Shanghai, with appearances on various television shows and created “Business English TV” which is for the Chinese to learn about Business English! His other TV show in Shanghai, “New Address No. 1” explores the booming real estate market and design business in China. In the past few years, with the introduction of virtual television backgrounds and news studios, Andy has gone one step further to provide TV interviews online as well as producing other services which include Video Spokesperson, Web Spokesperson and Virtual News Anchor. With the importance of video or visual realization, Andy Zajac continues to grow his ideas into reality and looks forward to the introduction of his news and advertising channel
In the early eighties, Andy was an accountant by trade but with no computers or mobile phones at time, it was a boring task to push numbers with pencil and ledger. He was introduced to television industry through several producers at that time and his interest grew. In 1987,  Andy found his way to learning to be a presenter through the local cable television provider as a volunteer and the next year could be seen on the “Great TV Auction” on PBS in New York. In 1989, he produced a pilot for television called “Profiles of Success” which interviewed business people and entertainments to find our how they made their money and several years later it was turned into a series of 30 shows. With the introduction of computers and knowing one day that video will be on CD, he pursued his video career further into multimedia until he left North America for Shanghai, China in 2003.
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